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Windows 8 Release Preview

Posted by: In: Windows 24 Jun 2012 Comments: 1

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Microsoft is preparing for Windows 8. Apps are chromeless, creating tailored apps using html5, JavaScript and CSS. This will allow hundreds of millions of programmers to start building apps for Windows 8 (Great for Windows 8 and Microsoft).

A wonderful full screen experience with total control of all of your apps. Also the introduction of “SNAP”, a wonderful side by side functionality inside of Windows 8. You’ll notice true multi-tasking as well as the introduction of Internet Explorer 10 which will be optimized for touch.


(Windows 8 RT on ARM Processors)

Windows 8 will work on both Intel processors as well as ARM processors. ARM basically will be for mobile devices and the Intel version will still serve the laptop and PC market. About 98 percent of the more than one billion mobile phones sold each year use at least one ARM processor.
Also the ARM Windows 8 version will run a version of Windows called Windows RT, this system will only run Windows RT Metro apps.


All apps are going to be available via the Windows Store, this will be the main outlet for apps on Windows RT, just like the App Store as well as Google Play. Barnes & Noble (a new Microsoft partner) will have to distribute an e-reader app through the Windows Store. Manufacturers will be able to ship tablets with applications pre-installed, but these apps will also be subject to the strict Metro UI design regulations.


With the new compatibility of Microsoft having the ability to run on ARM processors, means that Microsoft will be entering the crowded tablet market. Microsoft will introduce their Surface tablets, which will be available in two versions: Windows 8 RT version and Windows 8 Pro model.


Windows 8 will still give you access to your old Windows UI (User Interface) Information concerning hardware compatibility and hardware diversity and a fresh look at Windows 8 functionality.


Windows 8 Release Preview –DOWNLOAD–


Editors Note:

Microsoft is taking a big risk with the delicate balance between touch and keyboard and mouse. However, we predict that Microsoft has positioned itself perfectly to dominate ALL markets.
First: They have win because now without thinking about it and allowing other companies to get users used to using tablets, it’s time to do what? Introduce a better tablet with better software and functionality driven by a foundation of over 100 million developers producing apps with tools they have now mastered during the past 4 years (HTML5, Javascript and CSS).
Secondly: It’s interesting how there are minimal reports about the failure of various companies failing to enter into the enterprise with tablets (security, dependability, functionality and more…). Just to be clear and a very clear note, Microsoft is already in the Enterprise, there is no need to sell anyone on a new concept. They can clearly state, we’ve been here all along. Allow us to introduce you to a new way of being productive, mobile and HIP (since we must). Introducing the Mobile Phone 8, Windows 8 Pro and Window 8 RT with rich apps to follow, probably the Enterprise versions will be bundled with Administrative apps, it just makes sense.
Thirdly: Look at the business strategy, the Xbox (with the clear vision of an upgrade coming soon as well 720 possibly??). The mobile power by building and making sure they are now able to run on ARM technology and already being in the Enterprise. Let’s not forget about all the frustrations everyone has had with Internet Explorer’s compatibility with CSS and Browser compatibility (A nightmare for webmasters). Watch the compatibility and the incredible change that comes with Internet Explorer 10 (which also has flash). Check out our Windows Videos for more windows updates and information concerning the new operating system.

Windows 8 Media

Also get ready for Internet Explorer 10 to power Windows 8 and Cross-Platform Apps.

Thank you for choosing LNPServices.

Windows 8 Professional

Comments: 1

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